GIF, PNG, JPG or SVG Which One To Use?

A potentially “bloated” document, a big chunk of crap right in the document you’re trying to author, and inability to cache. The interesting part here is that you can either press OK and save the file, or press “SVG Code…” and it will open TextEdit (on a Mac anyway) with the SVG code in it. To see the example of SVG check the animated yolk, the graphic design of which was initially drawn in Sketch. CSS animation is used in order to avoid overloading your service with big libraries for animating icons and loaders. SVG elements contain text, which greatly improves the accessibility of a website. But the main advantage is that this text is indexed by search engines.

JavaScript Object Notation or better known as json files are the files which are used for standard data interchange. The json is basically a format which carries the information contained in the file between servers and web applications like web browsers, etc. One such example of a json file would be information regarding bookmarks in a web browser. The only two things that really dictate when one is used over the other for me is one, what the language is used most popularly with.

  • In a nutshell, JSON is lightweight, human-readable, and needs less formatting, which makes it a good alternative to XML.
  • This means that they can scale indefinitely without a reduction of quality.
  • JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation and it’s used to exchange data between web servers and web applications.
  • In this post, we’ll explain local hosting and its benefits and provide a few ways to do…
  • I mostly made a lot of scripts and hope to write a lot more Python code in the years to come.

Java’s serialization was initially meant to translate data structures into a format that could be easily transmitted or stored. JSON meets this requirement, without the serious exploits referred to above. JSON is NOT a programming language, but it is certainly used within a programming language. JSON is based on JavaScript which uses it to define things called “objects” in that language. It’s a notation format for listing down things – you can’t do anything else with it but define things. You can use Notepad to open your .json file and make changes.

Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit Release Notes

With these programs, your creativity is your limit when it comes to the SVGs you can draw. Browser support for SVG is available in all modern browsers.


Most image files–including PNG, WebP, JPG, and TIFF–are bitmap based. Also known as a raster image, this means they consist of a set amount of pixels. This doesn’t present any problem when scaling an image down, but the trouble quickly shows up if you try to increase the size.

Python File Methods

As discussed previously, bitmap images are not editable using CSS so each icon state required its own file. Before SVGs were a thing, icons were honestly a bit of a pain for both designers and developers. If you need to use a bitmap image, remember to use PNG if your image contains transparency, JPEG if it does not. JPEG images do not support transparency and are therefore better suited to photographs. Alternatively, as discussed briefly at the beginning of this article, you can simplify the above by using WebP for all bitmap-based images. I haven’t encountered this too often, but it is a definite possibility.

Return the return value of the call to the
write method of the underlying file object. A CSV (or Comma Separated Value) file is a text file that contains data in list form. The CSV files are generally used to share data between programs that can’t open the same file type. For most people, it is best to use a spreadsheet program. Spreadsheet programs display the data in a way that is easier to read and work with than a text editor. We’ll go into more detail on opening a CSV file in Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, and Google Sheets.

For example, you can export financial data in an XLSX file opened in Microsoft Excel to a CSV file to PRJ files upload it to an online financial management service. Or, you can export thousands of contacts from an email service to a CSV file then import the file into an address organizer or another email service. Since a CSV file is just a text file, you can create one in almost any text editor. You can also export CSV files from almost any spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Calc, or Google Sheets. For example, if your imported file uses a different encoding type, click the “File Origin” drop-down menu and choose an appropriate type.

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